Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confessions of a "Gorgeous" Girl

First of all, I'm not gorgeous. I don't even know how to spell that word, I had to copy and paste it from Chas' post. You can't trust Chas' judgment of my looks, because he's in love with me. Also, I'm sure that if he had known about the grumpy slug I turn into when I'm pregnant, he may have had second thoughts about marrying me.

Second confession, I don't know much about dating. I didn't like dating much, so I didn't date very often. In fact, Chas was the first guy I went on a date with more than three times. Ironically, I didn't have to turn guys down very often, because not very many of them asked me out. I'm absolutely sure that I was guided by Heavenly Father in my courtship with Chas. Otherwise, I may have just turned him down after the third date out of fear.

Because I didn't date much, I was fairly sure that I would never get married. I had a mission and a career all planned out. I'm so glad things didn't work out the way I had planned! I LOVE being married!! I am living proof that you don't have to date a lot or be good at dating to get married. I believe that the best way to get married is to trust in God and follow the promptings you receive. Heavenly Father loves all of His children. He has commanded us to get married. I don't believe He would give us a commandment like that unless He intended to help us do it. Just like He helped Nephi build the boat, He will help us get married. He has been helping people get married for a long time. I would say that He is the ultimate expert on dating. If you want the best dating advice, go to Him.

- "Gorgeous" Girl


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