Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who writes this blog, anyway??

You've probably all heard the quote that claims that any man who reaches the age of 25 without being married is a menace to society. I don't know if that quote came from Brigham Young, Steve Young, or Steve Martin, but it's not true.

Jenni and I have been married since 2004, and we're both ecstatic to be out of the dating game. But feeling horrible pity for all the menaces out there doing their best to graduate from the singles ward, we've taken it upon ourselves to blog what we observed in our dating years, good and bad (and sometimes quite ugly), and offer whatever help we can to those who are still in the game.

This blog might not make much sense to those who aren't LDS (Mormon), but it may give you insight into our Mormon culture, as well as perspective on our approach to dating and marriage. Just to tell you up front, Jenni and I stand by the Church on every issue. Every issue. So if you want to ask us to dog on the church, you can - but we'll just dog on you instead. :D

You may be asking, "Who's this guy? What makes him think he can tell me anything about dating?"

Well, Jenni will have to come up with her own credentials, but I can easily tell you mine: I'm a goofy looking guy, and I married an amazingly hot girl. That's about it. I don't know about you, but when I was dating, I never looked to hotties for advice on how to get someone to go on a date with me. "Easy for you to say..."

I, for one, look like a dork, and Jenni is gorgeous - she's absolutely beautiful! The incredible thing is, she has the personality and spirituality to match.

If someone as ugly as me can marry someone like that, then any of you out there can do it, too. I can tell you, it was a bumpy ride for me, but it was well worth it. Jenni and I LOVE being married. Even with our three kids and their midnight barf-offs.

Anyway, we hope you'll participate in these discussions. We don't have all the answers, but if you are all willing to give input and share your tips with everyone, we might jointly be able to come up with quite a few answers!

- Goofy Guy


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