Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make Out Buddies Forever

When Chas and I were dating, we gave ourselves some pretty strict rules about physical affection. I highly suggest you come up with you own rules.

Because we kept those rules, our first experiences with making out, passionate kissing, ect. where when we were married. Because of that I felt so secure in our relationship. I knew that Chas would be the only person I'd do those things with and I'd always be the only one for him. Granted, neither of us was very good, even at kissing, but we learned together. It was and still is awesome to know that the things we've learned together will never be shared with anyone else. I also knew that he was in love with me and not just my body. I knew that he would stay in love with me no matter how my body might change with age and childbearing.

When we'd been dating for quite a while, I had a friend who asked if we'd kissed yet. I was kinda embarrassed to say, "No." I was surprised when she congratulated me on that and said, "When you start kissing, you stop talking." Instead of spending our time getting to know each other physically, we got to know each other very well mentally and emotionally. That has acted as a great foundation to our marriage.


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